Postgraduate Programme

  • A great start to your career

    As a new participant in the Danfoss Postgraduate Programme, you have the opportunity to kick-start your career. You won’t be stashed away, but take an active role in four business-critical project assignments and gain experience abroad. We do business all over the world, so you can receive exciting on-the-job-training in various countries.

    Central position in essential projects
    This two-year program gives you the opportunity to play a vital part in four different projects, each of six months’ duration. The first project will be ready and waiting for you from day one. You then select the subsequent projects together with your mentor, based on your profile and learning needs. In each project, the project owner provides coaching and guidance on a daily basis. At least one of these projects will be completed outside your home country.

    From Postgraduate to permanent position
    After you have been hired, you and your mentor will begin the process of defining your learning objectives for the next two years. The learning objectives function as coordinates that decide what projects you will work on and what events you will take part in. During your time as a postgraduate, we will use your learning objectives when assessing your progress.

    Going global makes a world of difference
    You’ll team up with a personal mentor and be part of a community of dedicated specialists across geographical and cultural borders. As part of a community of 30 to 40 international peers, you will soon build a valuable network of skilled colleagues and fellow postgraduates from around the world.

    So what are you waiting for? Take your master’s degree in finance, sales and marketing or engineering further and join our Postgraduate Program! We look forward to hearing from you.


  • Mei, Business Controller

    Once a participant in the Postgraduate Program, Mei today is a Business Controller at Danfoss who uses her global experience within finance and engineering to make an impact.

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