Culture and values

  • Our vision of success

    At the center of Danfoss as a workplace, it is our aim to empower all colleagues to make an impact. This also includes how we interact with another and customers, the decisions we make and the behaviours we exhibit.

    One team – committed, open and passionate
    The Danfoss culture and behaviours are put into action through our behaviours:

    •  We build our business on trust and integrity
    •  We are innovative in our ambition to exceed expectations
    •  We are global and embrace diversity
    •  We treasure sustainable results

    Sustainability is part of everything we do
    Sustainability at Danfoss is more than just a word. All of our activities are centered on reliability, quality and innovation for the long term: from environmentally friendly production at our factories to the final energy-efficient product for our customers.

    As a member of the Danfoss team, you’ll be involved in engineering and producing solutions for the infrastructure, food, energy and climate challenges of tomorrow. The products will be designed for sustainable use in the future. They will be reliable, of high quality and innovative to have a long lifespan.

    At the same time, the company has a long-standing tradition for taking corporate social responsibility seriously. Our strategy is to strongly anchor the Group’s sustainability targets and priorities into our business processes, constantly optimizing value creation for our customers, employees and the local communities we serve.


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