Danfoss Drives Southeast Asia Energy Efficiency Tour to Support Singapore’s Paris Climate Agreement Goals

DD bus tour SG Danfoss Centre of Excellence in Singapore offers partnership opportunities with industry, academia and public sector to develop energy efficient solutions to meet the challenge

- Monday, 20 November, 2017 By Danfoss Asia Pacific Region

Danfoss, a key player in the energy efficiency space today embarked on its inaugural Danfoss Drives Southeast Asia Energy Efficiency Tour in Singapore to raise awareness on the importance of energy efficiency and empower businesses to adopt brand new innovations in energy efficient technology. The Tour will travel to more than 20 cities across Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

ASEAN is a major global hub of manufacturing and trade where the manufacturing, industry and services sectors are increasing demand for electricity. As the ASEAN region is well on track to be the world's 4th-largest economy by 2050 and it is one of the fastest-growing consumer markets in the world, this presents an opportunity for Danfoss to help customers in energy intensive industries enhance process optimisation for sustainable, reliable and efficient operations.

Speaking at the industry event, Mr. Soren Kvorning, President of Danfoss Asia Pacific said “Singapore currently has among the highest rates of power consumption per capita among the economies in the ASEAN region with 40% of Singapore's energy being consumed in buildings, heavy industries and water treatment. The Danfoss Drives Southeast Asia Energy Efficiency Tour is a timely introduction to the market to empower and encourage more businesses to adopt energy efficient technologies. With our established leadership in the drives division, we believe that by 2025 more than 5 billion people worldwide will benefit directly or indirectly by Danfoss Drives in their everyday lives.”

The Danfoss Drives Southeast Asia Energy Efficiency Tour will journey to 20 cities across Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand in a span of three months. Danfoss has also established a Centre of Excellence in Singapore, focusing on energy efficiency needs and creating applications for the energy-intensive Marine and Offshore sectors, offering opportunities for collaboration with technology partners, academic institutions and the public sector.

“Commercial buildings, food & beverage processing plants as well as heavy duty industries like manufacturing, water treatment, oil & gas, Marine & Offshore sectors are highly energy-intensive. The need for improved efficiencies is all the more important as connected devices grow in numbers and become more closely interconnected where more energy will be needed to power them. The Danfoss Drives Southeast Asia Energy Efficiency Tour will support Singapore’s commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement goals. We are committed to help reduce emissions intensity by 36 per cent from 2005 levels by 2030 and enable a better tomorrow driven by drives”, added Kvorning.

The South East Asia edition of the tour builds on the success of the Danfoss Tour in India, South Korea, US and Europe. The Danfoss Drives Southeast Asia Energy Efficiency Tour will address new opportunities for energy efficiency through customer seminars and 3D Interactive Experience for visitors to better understand the direct and indirect benefits of Danfoss Drives in their everyday lives.


The Tour will cover

  • 3 countries – Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand
  • More than 20 cities
  • Sectors like manufacturing, buildings, food & beverage, construction, chemicals, water treatment, and more
The Tour will showcase solutions that can be deployed by industries to achieve energy efficiency from the perspective of cost saving as well as reduced carbon emissions.


VLT DRIVES-FC51-MICRO, FC 102, FC103, FC360, FC302, FC280, OGD





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